Snowdrops: Easton Walled Garden Displayed

OK, so my first impression was of a quirky, but empty garden. Where were the snowdrops for instance? (Comparisons with the acres at Chippenham Park and Anglesey Abbey coming to mind).

Later, after walking round much of the grounds, I was in considerable awe of the standard of gardening. The meticulous detail and thoroughness with which everything has been done is a thing of wonder. The garden is pruned, mulched, chipped, tidied and absolutely ready for this new season, heralded by the snowdrops.


Yes, we eventually found their main dell and there were sufficient numbers to please everyone


So, I am thinking that another visit will be required when the herbaceous borders, wildflower terraces and sweetpeas (for which they are also known) are in full flower.

p.s. Also, they have a pretty little cafe which did a tasty bread and soup combination!

So many snowdrops:


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