I love crocuses

Unfortunately, so do the mice and voles! This vole bit through the stem and then dropped the beautiful goblet. Presumably it was going for the nectar.


Bank vole devours crocus

Happily, the bees love the nectar they provide too and their goblet-shaped flowers trap warm air which encourages nectar flow. Smaller-flowered species crocus like the exotic looking, purple and white Crocus chrysanthus ‘Prins Claus’ are good early nectar providers.


Honey bee on crocus

This white crocus is actually in a pot in a garden centre. My attention was first drawn by the lovely smell, but I have never seen so many bees buzzing around a display before (nearly all were on these whites).

I love lush, purple crocuses best of all. My favourite is the common and easily available Crocus tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant‘. This bulks up really quickly into stunning clumps and is early to flower.

crocus Ruby Giant

Favourite Crocus ‘Ruby Giant’

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