Universal leaf break …

It feels as though everything has committed to spring now. The trees in particular are edging towards various shades of greenness. The elder leaf is well out and some of the trees are even showing emerging flower clusters. Hawthorn has also gone though leaf break and has incipent flower buds on display. Last week I was taking picture of pussy willow in the hedges covered in pollen (and mist):

Pussy willow flowers with pollen

Male pussy willow flowers

This week I had intended to collect some small branches for an arrangement, but the flowers are already over and the leaves are beginning to peek out.

Fading pussy willow

Spent pussy willow

Luckily for my arrangement, the female flowers are coming into their own and whilst not as spectacular as the fully open males covered in pollen, they have their own interesting texture (spikey – a bit like therapy/massage balls).

So on today’s dog walk I was able to gather a bundle of twigs of willow, white poplar (buff catkins just emerging), lime (beautiful red stalks and buds), hazel (showing emerging fresh green leaves) and ash (for the contrasting black buds – again just breaking).


Bundle of twigs showing spring colour

They look lovely together, especially against the blue sky.

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