Wordless Wednesday – La Belle Epoque


Tulip ‘Belle Epoque’ – a little bit frilly, sometimes double


Tulip ‘Belle Epoque’ – sumptious apricot/earth tones fading to pinks/plums


Tulip ‘Belle Epoque’ – lasts for weeks and fades gracefully


The Polical Lady – James Tissot,  with Belle Epoque tulips

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16 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – La Belle Epoque

  1. Sam says:

    Tulip envy…

  2. Julie says:

    What a beautiful Tulip, even in the rain the petals are still gorgeous.

  3. susurrus says:

    I love the colours and it’s an extra treat to see the painting.

    • The descriptions of this tulip are all different, because no-one can decide what the colour actually is. It changes over time anyway and it is always lovely. 🙂

      • susurrus says:

        I suppose it’s because the colour distinctly different depending on which part of the petal you’re focusing on. But I agree – always lovely!

  4. Christina says:

    Beautiful, I’ve just ordered this tulip for next year. Must be one of the most stunning of all the tulips.

  5. That’s very delicate – and even the slight brown around the edge seems appropriate, as in fading decadence, a bit like a Puccini opera.
    All the best 🙂

    • You are right about the tones of decadence. It has been described as: cappacino, coffee, apricot with a drizzle of blueberry, smoky, vintage, soft etc. It is wonderfully attractive.

  6. Robbie says:

    Oh my love the tulip photos!!!!!! He dress looks like they were inspired by peony style tulips:-)

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