Wordless Wednesday – Dry Meadows


The dry meadow, Cory Lodge, Cambridge Botanics, designed by James Hitchmough, is a mass of beautiful Berkheya purpurea and Dianthus carthusianorum at this time of year


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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Dry Meadows

  1. I’ve never seen these two together but they make a handsome match. (In truth, I’ve never seen the Berkheya purpurea at all.) Do you know the chartreuse plumes? They provide the perfect contrast.

  2. Stunningly beautiful. Thanks, it’s a great to see one of Hitchmough’s deft naturalistic designs showcased for a change.

    • It’s wonderful and works for a long period. I love the colours too. I’ve been meaning to try growing Berkheya since seeing this meadow a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t sure it would overwinter.

  3. Chloris says:

    Beautiful meadow flowers. I saw this Dianthus used to great effect in Tom Stuart – Smith’ s garden.

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