Wordless Wednesday – Empty Nest Syndrome


They’ve flown the nest


It was time to disperse


Off they’ve gone, into the big blue yonder …


Globe artichoke seed: The start of a new phase of life

(Sorry. I’m on week 2 of adjusting. Lots of odd jobs are getting done.)


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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Empty Nest Syndrome

    • Thanks Liz. This was just before Matt left for uni. and I felt rather foolish when he caught me throwing the parachutes in the air for the pictures.

      • Chloris says:

        There are plenty of occasions when a gardener has to harden herself and not worry about feeling foolish. A friend still dines out on the story of finding me scrubbing my birch trees and then going inside to find the kitchen floor in an unusually shameful condition.

  1. Absolutely breathtaking shots of the seed heads in flight. How did you capture them?

    • You’ve no idea how long I spent throwing the parachutes in the air with the camera ready. I resorted to this, because they are whisked off the actual plants so randomly and quickly by the wind. However, I must admit that the sideways one was a cheat. I love Photoshop!

  2. Sam says:

    Gorgeous photos. Hope you’re coping x

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