Wordless Wednesday – The Litter Collector


The colours of the leaves are so amazing this autumn that I keep finding myself collecting them to bring home


The leaves are beginning to fall, carpeting the ground in rainbow hues (OK they had a little help here)


The weathermen are saying that it has been a perfect year to build up the sugars in the leaves and for the sunny autumn days and cool nights to concentrate the bright red, orange and purple pigments.


The variety of shapes and tones are stunning


With plenty of oak leaves around I couldn’t resist trying a Green Man in autumn colours (but the colours distract and I think he needs to be single shade).

Why leaves change colour in autumn explained by a BBC weatherman

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22 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – The Litter Collector

  1. Fabulous and so artistically arranged. It’s tempting me to rush out with the leaf blower and aim it at the tree canopies …..

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    These are stunning, Allison! I esp. love the mandala – it’s gorgeous!

  3. FlowerAlley says:

    Beautifully done. Love each arrangement and assortment.

  4. Summer Daisy says:

    Awe So beautiful ♥

  5. Joshua says:

    That is beautiful. We don’t get that color change here so I am always impressed by the variety of color.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and so creative. I’d forgotten how I used to collect colorful autumn leaves when I was a child (and then be so disappointed when the colors faded in a few days, of course!)

  7. Cath says:

    So beautiful! We used to iron them between wax paper, but they were never as nice as when they were on the ground.

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