Merry Christmas – One and all!

So this morning, Christmas Eve, we were greeted with a spectacular red sky.


View from the driveway

This typically means that the good weather has passed, most likely heralding a change for the worse. Tomorrow is predicted to be dreary, with thick cloud here in Cambridge, but we should see practically tropical temperatures. Bookmakers are apparently slashing the odds for it being a record breaker (current record is 15.6 deg C).

Last week, in spite of the heavily berried hedgerows, we decided to put up the bird feeders around the pergola and we are now seeing alot of activity on them, especially on the sunflower hearts. Since they are opposite the kitchen window it will make working on Christmas food preparation a lot more enteraining.


Robin waiting for food on a Rosa glauca

Whatever the weather, I wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope that your day is filled with peace and joy.


This goldcrest was fascinated by his own reflection in the silver bauble!

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10 Responses to Merry Christmas – One and all!

  1. We are back to flip-flop weather, with a high of 65 F tomorrow! Merry Christmas!

  2. pbmgarden says:

    Beautiful sky, beautiful robin. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. lyart says:

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, too 🙂

  4. Happy Christmas to you too….

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