Wordless Wednesday : Cabbages and Kings

Beautiful and productive walled kitchen garden at Athelhampton Hall, Dorset

Tasty red cabbage hearting up amongst the monarda and lupins

Tempting door …


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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday : Cabbages and Kings

  1. Brian Skeys says:

    Many years ago Geoff Hamilton wrote about planting a mix of vegetables and flowers, I thought it was a good idea then, your pictures confirm it. Those cabbages look great, I must try to do something similar next year. Thanks for sharing.

    • He was my hero growing up! I do like potagers, but cabbages don’t stand a chance in our garden. I limit myself to veg that I know mostly survive deer, rabbits and pigeons and plant flowers around the edges and over arches.

  2. Tina says:

    I don’t tend to mix veggies and perennials and in my climate, it’s tricky to do as I choose very water-wise perennials/trees/shrubs and no matter how you slice it (toms, cukes, squash…) veggies require a fair amount of water. Still, it’s lovely to see that mix in a garden.

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