In a Vase on Monday – Definite autumn shades

Yes, it is most certainly autumn, but I could hardly believe the heat in the walled garden at Wimpole today. I was taking salvia cuttings most of the morning and I am hoping that they can take the extreme temperature fluctuations in the glasshouse this week. It is always a risk when you’re not there every day to check on things. I also had to give the borders a good douse to stave off the inevitable shrivelling that occurs if I miss the watering just once. Who would have guessed I’d still be running the hoses out this late in September, when it’s been a continuous task since May?


At home, the plants are evenly split between shutting down because they’ve done their stuff or having a last party and flowering their little heads off. The multi-headed sunflowers are going crazy, especially the ‘Vanilla Ice’. I’ve picked some for a vase today and it means that I can join in with Cathy’s ever joyful In-a-vase-on-Monday meme. Take a look at the variety today.


There’s an ‘Earth Walker’ sunflower in the front too, providing lovely burnt earth tones that are bracketed by the two-tone colours of Tagetes ‘Cinnabar’. Verbena bonariensis is a cloud of warm purple and bees/butterflies in the border. Its small flowers fade to a rusty pink, which looks rather nice with the tagetes. Miraculously, I still have some sweet peas going (‘Twilight’ I think) and they are deliciously heavily scented, so they are making a double contribution to the vase. I’ve added a couple of sprigs of Caryopteris clandonensis to lift the colours a bit and pushed some sprays of self-seeded feverfew in round the edges to add some froth.

After taking a couple of shots of the flowers in my stalwart glass vase I decided a dark brown jug suited things much better, especially amongst the sea of damson leaves beginning to litter the grass.


Definitely autumn though! Are you seeing the signs too?



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14 Responses to In a Vase on Monday – Definite autumn shades

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Definitely looking autumnal in your yard. While we had a few cool nights last week, the warmth has returned temporarily to give us a last taste of summer. I’m not complaining!

  2. shoreacres says:

    No autumn here — not even close. But that’s normal for us. It only means that I suffer a few weeks of autumn envy as the seasons change farther north — we still haven’t seen our goldenrod bloom, and I haven’t yet seen the potted mums at the grocery stores. Lucky you, to have such a delightful combination of warm, autumn-ish colors to share!

  3. Christina says:

    You’re right the arrangement looks much better in the dark vase. It is lovely in its autumn tones.

  4. Cathy says:

    Oh I could normally be putting a vase together exactly like this they are all familiar in my garden although the verbena is not playing ball this year and I have two different sunflowers although I often grow VI and EW. Caryopteris may feature in my vase next week – isn’t it lovely when it’s in bloom? Your lovely jug definitely does look autumnal, whereas in the glass vase there is still a summer air to it. Good luck with your cuttings – I too am tending lots of them, mostly salvias, but the ones I took last month have struggled. This year I am determined to mulch the original plants to give them a better chance, although I am still learning which ones will sail through the winter. Thanks for sharing a vase this week, Allison – and you won’t be needing a hose today (Thursday)!

    • Thanks Cathy. If the cuttings take I will have plenty of ‘Amistad’ next year, yay. I have more trouble with the greggii cuttings, but usually enough take to pass on year-on-year. Caryopteris is a lovely plant. It’s that same soft blue that I love from ageratum. (I also like watching the bees mob it.)

      • Cathy says:

        Amistad seem to take well, don’t they? They have worked for me from non-tip cuttings too. My S Neon is not yet playing ball this year in terms of cuttings and I always find greggii difficult too – when do you find is the best time for taking cuttings?

  5. Chloris says:

    Amazing how you have kept your sunflowers going, mine are long gone. And sweet peas too! Such a pretty vase.

  6. Storm roaring through this evening and all the dehlias flattened. I have a dark brown wine jug, just like yours, perfect for autumn flowers!

  7. Cathy says:

    Oh yes, a lovely autumnal splash of colour. Autumn is definitely here too – we had the first frost yesterday!

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