Six on Saturday – All fall down


Today has been a clearing up day after those gusty winds we’ve been having over the last 48hrs managed to wreck a fair few things in the garden. And now it is raining, so I’ve retreated to the house to admire my haul and thought that I would play Six on Saturday which is a popular meme hosted by The Propagator (click through to find an ideas and rules guide).

1) So here is my haul:


It includes my one and only aubergine (grown outside – but still pathetic I agree), a number of apples, tomatillos, achochas (sadly completely felled by the winds), courgettes and lots of tomatoes (because the branches have all snapped). The tomatoes have all done really well this year and the surprise seeds my son gave me for my birthday last year have done him proud (Gigantimo and Jersey Devil). Obviously Gigantimo is massive, but it has lovely flesh (not at all mealy). I’ve been eating thin slices of them on marmite toast for breakfast. Don’t judge, just try it!

2) The sunflowers are down (broken) too. This year’s winner in the height competition was ‘Kong’. His heads were splendid, but quite vulnerable to wind damage. I’ve cut them down, taken a few seeds for next year and laid them out for the finches to ransack.


I find looking at their faces absolutely mesmerising. The geometry is perfect. You are (luckily) missing lots of close-up photos of them …

3) We’ve been slowly working to finish off our new pond this summer and we went  as far as commissioning some hazel hurdles to hide the pump. They were ordered ages ago and in fact we thought that they had been forgotten, but this morning we got an email telling us they were ready for collection. So here they are:

sos4They will go long side down on the ground and we need to bracket them together into a square to complete the task, but I think that they look mighty fine.

4) Grown from seed and tremendously slow to flower, this is Rudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’.sos2I only hope I can over-winter them successfully, because I don’t want to be waiting that long again.

5) I love it when my white Japanese anemones (Honorine Jobert) start to flower at the back of the patio pond. They light a dark corner up and take over from the variegated dogwood in this task.


6) Daydreaming … I grew cosmos ‘Daydream’ from seed this year and although it has been slow to flower, they are putting on a wonderful display now. I am not showing them specifically in this post however, but rather their refracted images in some raindrops.


I’ve been wanting to use raindrops to image some pretty flowers for ages and this looks pretty cool I think!

Hope that this ticks the boxes for participation. Have a good weekend.


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23 Responses to Six on Saturday – All fall down

  1. March Picker says:

    Beautiful all, from the harvest to the raindrops. Yes, I’d probably be staring into the whorls of those sunflower seeds for hours, too.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    That is quite the haul! It is so satisfying to grow one’s own food. I like the hazel hurdles – they look well made. We don’t see much of this kind of fencing, but wish there was more.
    It has been breezy here today as well, bringing down a lot of leaves along with yesterday’s rain. The canopy is opening up and once again there is light in the forest. I realized there has been very little wind all summer, rather still and hot. But I expect that has now come to an end.
    Happy autumn to you!

  3. Mala Burt says:

    The sunflower whorls are mesmerizing. The finches will be grateful.

  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I agree about the sunflowers. They are perfection. Your ‘haul’ is very impressive and I’m envying you the tomatoes which I can’t grow easily here because of Queensland fruit fly.

  5. Chloris says:

    And today at last we have raindrops too. I’ve never known the garden so dry in late September. Love the Cherry Red Rudbeckia and what a great harvest of lovely things to eat.

  6. The Potter says:

    Love your raindrops pic., it’s been raining all morning here in Sussex, so I will go out when it stops and see if I can find the same effect on my Cosmos Purity!

  7. Your rudbeckia is lovely- enjoy your haul of veg.

  8. carolee says:

    Love the geometry of the sunflowers, too and the hurdles are gorgeous! Cherry Brandy rudbeckia didn’t winter over for me here in Indiana, but maybe you will have better results. Some rudbeckias do, some don’t. A very pretty “Six!”

  9. cavershamjj says:

    Hallo! A lovely debut Six, thanks for joining in. Your harvest at number 1 is very impressive in both size and colour! Hope to see you again soon.

  10. Nadia Seaver says:

    oh my word those sunflowers are beautiful! So glad you posted on the Propogator’s page and I found you

  11. Lora Hughes says:

    Another one here envious of your haul. Google says the achocha is courgette’s little cousin – is that the consistency & flavour strand you’d put them in? Love that rudbeckia & hope you do have successful w/it surviving the winter. Most of all, I love your hazel hurdles. they’ll look great covering the pump. Welcome to SoS! Hope to see how things progress in your garden.

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