Wordless Wednesday – Hillside lavender fields in Hitchin


Abuzz with bees


The farm’s hillside setting creates splendid views


Sadly, I did see quite a lot of Rosemary beetles (Chrysolina americana) destroying foliage and flowers


Lavender has been grown as a crop in Hitchin since the 16th century. The main crops at the farm are L. angustifolia and L. intermedia, predominantly in shades of purple but also in whites and pinks


Couldn’t resist I am afraid!


The smell was wonderful, but can be a overwhelming at times in hot sunshine


We encountered a meditation class whilst wandering. What a brilliant idea!


Our visit (29/06/2019) was at the beginning of the lavender season. There are also areas set aside for poppies (lovely), cornfield flowers (beginning to fade) and sunflowers (to come)


My haul (the entrance fee includes a paper bag and use of a pair of scissors so that you can collect your own), plus several pots of L. Stoechas ‘Anouk’.


The lavender season runs from mid June to August, peaking in mid July and with some varieties still in flower in September.


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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Hillside lavender fields in Hitchin

  1. I think I would have to lie down in them for a while.

  2. Tina says:

    Beautiful shots. We have some lavender farms here in Central Texas which look very similar. Our season is earlier– May to early July–but the fragrance and color are intoxication.

    • The amazing thing about this farm is that I lived down the road from it for several years without knowing anything about Hitchin and lavender. Even coming back to the area we still used to travel up to Norfolk to see the purple fields, but then last year I heard about this venture … and it turns out to on rolling countryside, which is much nicer than flat, flat fields in East Anglia.

  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Wow, that must have been amazing to see and be enveloped in the strong scent of lavender. Were you a relaxed noodle by the time you left? 😉

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