National Tree Week 2019 – Day 2: This year I am planting … a Sweet Chestnut


So, Sweet Chestnut was my tree of choice to plant out in the garden from yesterday’s candidates, but until I’d discovered whether it could be lifted from the nursery area without damage, it wasn’t a dead cert.  Happily, it turned out to be easier than I feared, because while the roots were, unsurprisingly, congested in the pot, those reaching into the surrounding gravel weren’t as extensive as I’d expected. I was able to ease out most of the roots, from the stony ground, in a reasonable condition. Next I cut the pot off and have my fingers crossed that the main root can recover from being squeezed so much.

In the meadow area I dug a large hole and I was happy to uncover some wild daffodil bulbs planted in previous years (meaning the squirrel hasn’t got them all!). Then I spent some time breaking up the clay bottom with a fork and adding some well-rotted manure and gravel to the excavated soil. It was at this point that I found out that we didn’t have any tree stakes or ties in the garage, so that necessitated a quick trip out to a garden centre (oh goodie, alliums in the sale). Back on site, it was entertaining trying to decide how to best to tie the rather bendy trunk to the stake, but once that was done, the improved soil was returned and that was basically job done! So here is the newly planted chestnut tree:

sweet chestnut1

Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) planted in the meadow patch

To finish up, I’ve under-planted the tree with some scilla bulbs and put a guard around the base to protect it from grazing deer.

sweet chestnut2

Bulbs planted around the tree’s base and deer guard set up to stop ring-barking.

Last year there were catkins on some of the branches, so if everything goes well, I am hoping to see nuts in a couple of years. Fingers crossed!


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5 Responses to National Tree Week 2019 – Day 2: This year I am planting … a Sweet Chestnut

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    A fine new home, my it live long and prosper!

  2. Tree planting , such a great thing to do

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