Wordless Wednesday – Seed Power


Miscanthus sinensis: Back-combed and ready to fly


A graphic designer’s dream: Ammi major


Percussive: Thalictrum delavayi


A slow reveal: Echinacea purpurea


Shake those tail feathers: Northern Sea oats, Chasmanthus latifolium


Essence of winter: Eryngium


Molecular Science: Heuchera


Pennisetum villosum: Made for raindrops


About Frogend_dweller

Living in the damp middle of nowhere
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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Seed Power

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Wonderful photos, Allison! You’ve captured the artful beauty of the late season garden.

  2. shoreacres says:

    I do love seeds of all kinds — fun to see some here that we share, like the sea oats.

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