Wordless Wednesday – Hoodlums or Princes … same damage


Wood pigeons perched high up in the damson trees, pecking at the swelling flower buds


Male pheasant visiting the bird feeders, but equally partial to fritillaries, crocuses etc,


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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Hoodlums or Princes … same damage

  1. That’s funny. I consider starlings and crows to be hoodlums because they keep the other birds from getting to the seed table. Our dog gets especially riled up over the crows. But now a mockingbird has taken up a defensive post so no one is getting any seed.

    • Definitely agree about the starlings, but we see very few around here nowadays. Wood pigeons just seem to have a truculent attitude as they rip the fruit trees to shreds. Now, I’d like to see your mockingbird. Sounds so entertaining!

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