In a Wreath on Monday – Rejuvenation

I’ve been chopping back a few boundary shrubs today and this has providentially given me some useful, fresh material to revitalise an old shop-bought Christmas wreath. The wreath was new several years ago, but was squirrelled away because of its good bones. It gets rolled out and tarted up each year. Since I am essentially making a floral arrangement, I thought I would join in with Cathy@Ramblinginthegarden’s for her popular, weekly ‘In a vase on Monday‘ meme.

This is the primped wreath on our door:


Unfortunately, I didn’t bother to photograph the naked, stored wreath, but it was essentially a pine-cone annulus glued to the front of a woven twig ring, with a few bits of glittery icicles and a small number of small, glass baubles for sparkle. It probably had a red bow on it at some stage, but that disappeared some time ago.

I’ve added the classics … Holly, both plain and variegated, and ivy.


Then I’ve raided the crab apple tree for some wonderfully rosy John Downie globes:


Finally, I found some rather lovely rosehips on a rose called ‘Starlight Symphony‘ (a recent introduction from Harkness Roses whose flowers are pure white, but have the most fantastic lush, pink stamen.)


Most of the cut pieces were simply poked through the cones to the backing twig ring, where their stalks were either woven or jammed into the main bodywork.

It’s probably this wreath’s last outing. Cones are beginning to drop off and the twigs are very brittle. Meanwhile, it is currently a rather cheerful welcome to our home.

Do you buy or make Christmas wreaths? Do you keep them for another year?

For further floral creations remember to click through to Cathy’s blog.


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20 Responses to In a Wreath on Monday – Rejuvenation

  1. susurrus says:

    Those rose hips are wonderful – like tiny apples. I love wreaths but my mum doesn’t like them. I once bought her a hydrangea one but she gave it me back!

    • I guess we grew up with them being standard Christmas decorations (e.g. from European Christmas markets and the like), but I can see that they have other, less appealing, associations. I love that your Mum gave that hydrangea wreath straight back. No nonsense, no beating around the bush, just NO!

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    This is so beautiful, Allison, I love it! I used to make my own wreath every year, wiring sprigs of balsam fir to a ring, but I’ve become rather lazy the past two years and have made swags of evergreen and holly tied with a bow. At least I make some effort, it’ll be a sad day when I put nothing out at all!

  3. Cathy says:

    What a wonderful welcome home. It looks very festive and professional Allison! I love the crab apples and ivy flowers especially. I haven’t tried to make one for the door, only making greenery ones for candles indoors. Maybe next year! (I need to plant some holly somewhere!)

  4. Cathy says:

    Your basic repurposed wreath is rather more advanced than mine, which just starts with the wire coathanger ring! Were the fir cones from your garden, I wonder? The crab apples look wonderful – have you wired them on? I wonder how long they will last? And what a good idea to use some rose hips – I must remember that for next year, or even cut some now and add them to mine. Starlight Symphony sounds such a lovely rose and makes me realise that I may have missed out just sticking with David Austin…

    • No fir trees around here sadly. The original wreath was most definitely bought at either a garden centre or department store. Harkness Nurseries are only half an hour away from us (and in fact we used to live even closer), so we know it of old.

  5. Sharon says:

    Excellent primping! The crab apples really lift it. I wanted some rosehips for my wreath but realised I have been too eager with the deadheading…

    • Lol. Yes, I wondered what having plenty of hips around said about my gardening style! The truth is that this is only their second summer and while I did deadhead early to get a second flush of flowers, I then stopped as the hips were going such pretty colours.

  6. Kris P says:

    Well Done! I had to laugh at your comment about failing to take a “before” shot, Allison – I almost never remember those myself. I embellished my own store-bought wreath again this year but your use of the variegated holly has me thinking of using some of my variegated Pittosporum to take it up another peg. On the fly, I threw together a wreath made from scratch using Leucadendron cuttings last night but I still need to do some tweaking (add berries and a bow) before it’s ready for viewing. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday!

  7. pbmgarden says:

    This is lovely. The crab apples are a great addition and I like your use of variegated holly.

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