Six on Saturday – A spring in my step


So the greenhouse windows opened automatically this week for the first time this year (that I’ve noticed) and Steve cut the grass for the first time in roughly four months! In fact, my title was almost ‘The first cut is the deepest’, but of course, the first cut was actually pretty high, because the grass was exceptionally long and wet. Anyway, there’s a spring in my step, both because the daffodils and primroses are flowering and also because there’s an awful lot of moss in the lawn after the wet winter, which makes it excessively spongy.

Let’s cut to today’s Six then:

1 Hellebore Harvington ‘Double Cream Speckled’


There are a lot of hellebores in flower to choose from now, but Harvington ‘Double Cream Speckled’ is a frilly classic and I hope that it is busy being crossed with the dark maroon and pink single plain ones to either side.

2 Iris reticulata ‘Clairette’


Iris reticulata ‘Clairette’ (with Narcissus bulbocodium)

I love early dwarf irises and I. reticulata ‘Clairette’ is a lively, blue beauty and works nicely in this trough with the ‘Arctic Bells’ hoop petticoat narcissus.

3 Purple crocuses with bees: honey and bumble …


Ruby Giant in the meadow patch, busy with honey bees and buff tailed bumblebees

My favourite spring sight: Open crocus goblets filled with busy bees. These were planted in the meadow patch in the autumn and I am hoping that they will like it there and spread madly.

4 Cornus mas


Cornus mas, grown from a seed/pip

This might not look very special, but I am very happy that the pip I sowed some 5/6 years ago has finally grown big enough to flower. I obviously won’t be making our favourite jam from it’s fruits this summer, but it is start.

5 Salix gracilis  var. melanostachys


Salix gracilistyla melanostachys, complete with talons

This will be a dramatic plant once it gets a little bigger. Last year it was a twig with only two catkins, this year there are some tens of black talons. I can’t complain however, since I only got it in the ground in the autumn. It’s got nice red bark too!

6 Azalea ‘Orange’


Azalea ‘Orange’ – a rather cheerful freebie with bulb orders from J. Parkers

My frantic end-of-sale bulb orders to J. Parker in November were rewarded with a couple of tiny, free azalea plants. They were just labelled ‘Orange’. Well, they are delivering the orange now, even though they are at most 10cm high.

That’s the end of my Six. Make sure to pop over Mr Propagator’s blog to catch up with all sorts of gardening stuff and horticultural showstoppers from around the globe. Remember: ‘Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday.’ Why not join in?


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19 Responses to Six on Saturday – A spring in my step

  1. fredgardener says:

    Very pretty azalea! I think this is the first that I see flowered this year. No matter the real color, it looks great !

    • Thanks Fred! I just have to keep it alive now. It has to stay in a pot, so I can give it the right soil … and inevitably (I have had other azaleas in the past) the pot dries out at some stage and the plant is gone. 😦

  2. Paddy Tobin says:

    We have lots of moss also as we are north-facing and the ground is very wet in winter. At times, there is more moss than grass. No hope of cutting the grass though as the ground is too soft.

  3. your Hellebore Harvington ‘Double Cream Speckled’ steals the show this week. It is STUNNING! Cutting the grass is not a job we miss.

    • I am not surprised! We are steadily reducing the lawn area via creation of a wild meadow area, a bigger pond and a new flower bed. Hurray! The Harvington series of hellebores is quite moreish, but I am currently eyeing up those healthy marbled hybrids like ‘Anna’s Red’.

  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, I can see why there is a ‘spring’ in your step, Allison! I love the beautiful six you’ve shared this week. Can’t wait to similar here, but we’ve still got a foot of snow that needs to melt first!

  5. shoreacres says:

    Needless to say, we’re a little short of fresh blooms around here, and that makes these beauties even more special. I enjoy azaleas, but I’m not entirely fond of them in pink, so these orange ones are right up my alley. They’re wonderful!

    • Hope that you are back to normal weather now. Many of our beauties (particularly daffodils) have been flatten this week by gusty winds and hail. I realise now that many of my seeds for this year are orange. I may have been influenced by a need for some cheer/sunshine when I bought them!

  6. The hellebore is a stunner, but my favourite photo this week has to be the bumble bee in the crocus. Clairette, another iris r. to look out for, I only have Harmony.

  7. Cathy says:

    I noticed moss in our patch of artificial turf this week!! I meant to mention the bees in my post too, as they have been noticeably active – but I didn’t think to look at the greenhouse vents which I am sure must gave been open at some point! Lovely spring photos, and how exciting to see your cornus and salix – and freebie azalea!

    • Nature wins! Funny to hear that though.This week has been too windy for bees here. We are on our fourth day of 40 mph winds. I find the noise wearing. Always love a freebie, even if I wouldn’t have chosen it myself!

  8. Cathy says:

    A lovely collection this week and I have a wonderful image of you springing light-footedly across your springy lawn between the crocus flowers!

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