Wordless Wednesday – Will this be a useful Christmas present?


This rascal was spotted today on the wisteria above our bird feeders. I think Anne Wareham (the author of this book) has visited our garden!! 不不不


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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Will this be a useful Christmas present?

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    From my experience, I’d say you have your work cut out for you! They are a pretty clever and persistent species.

  2. Tina says:

    Good luck with that!

    • Cheers Tina. The squirrel section in the book ends with some entertaining suggestions for what to do next, including: ‘Study them for a PhD’, ‘Have them for dinner’ and ‘Make friends with them’ …

  3. shoreacres says:

    I might help you outwit ‘other garden pests and nuisances,’ but I seriously doubt that it will help with the squirrels.I watched a pair work together today to nearly empty a tube feeder filled with sunflower chips: one held the feeder askew, while the other pulled out seed with its paw. Then, they both feasted. It was such an astonishing sight I couldn’t even get irritated at them.

    • Yes, from what I’ve read so far, ‘It’s hopeless’ is in essence her philosophy regarding squirrels too. Squirrels are wonderfully entertaining though, as you say. I’ve watched them raise the feeders, open the lid and stuff half their bodies down the tube to get at sunflower hearts. Another trick is to throw the whole lot on the ground, which is why several feeders are now on twisted wire extensions.

  4. Good luck! We have had success, albeit not very attractive in the front yard, with stove pipe and a dome atop around our pole feeder. There is no living squirrel that can wrap its arms around 8″ stove pipe and their nails don’t grip either. It takes at least two lengths and works. But we had to stop anyway…bears!

    • I love the image of squirrels trying to get a grip round those huge pipes, but what do you mean about bears?? That’s a much more scary opponent to thwart!

      • We live within a few miles of some bear habitat and they do wander into our neighborhood. I found a nice pile of bear scat (aka poop) in the yard one morning and we have lost a few pole feeders to hungry roaming Ursas. Ordinarily we would not put out the feeders in warm seasons but as the climate has changed the hibernation season is shorter and they roam later. Human-bear encounters in settled areas often lead to dead bears so we don’t take a chance by inviting them into our neighborhood.

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