In a vase on Monday – Benched

Not an imaginative title I am afraid, but rather a statement about the location of today’s ‘photo shoot’ for my vase. The bench sits on the top of a small, grassed-over spoil-mound in the corner of our garden and is always the best place to catch the last of any sunshine. So when I got round to gathering some flowers this afternoon it was the only spot left in the sun.

benched1 IAVOM

Late October flowers in today’s vase include: dahlias, cosmos, salvias, asters and amaranthus

After several torrential downpours recently, pristine pickings for a vase are pretty meager. A notable exception to that is our self-seeded cosmos. Cosmos ‘Purity’ may have been late to start flowering, but has been prolific since the beginning of October. It is hard to resist when it comes to looking for material to cut for a vase. It always looks so fresh and lasts so well.

I’ve picked two different dahlias. One I know, the other is as yet unidentified. So, the smaller pale lilac blooms are Dahlia merckii. I’ve grown them from seed and am really enjoying them. (I’ll do it again if I lose them overwinter). Their flowers are held above mounds of lacey foliage on very long, spindly stalks. These are surprisingly wiry and robust.

bench2 iavom

Dahlia merckii

The dahlia that I don’t recognise is the cerise Honka-like type.  The petals reflex backwards rather than forwards though and I haven’t found a match for it yet??? The dahlia was bought as ‘Black Jack’, which it clearly isn’t! 🤣

benched3 iavom

A rather stunning, but unknown dahlia

To pick up the dahlia’s pink, I’ve added some hot pink salvia greggii, but then tried to calm things down again with a head of deep maroon amaranthus (A. ‘Opopeo’), together with its dark purple leaves.

benched4 iavom

The final ingredient to the vase is the late flowering aster ‘Lady in Black’. The plant is growing on the patio and is an ever expanding cloud of tiny white stars with powder puff pink centres. It needed a bit of trimming, so that I can reach the bird bath!

benched5 iavom

In a vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy@ramblinginthegarden. Pop over to her blog to find links to many wonderful vases.


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13 Responses to In a vase on Monday – Benched

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely combo, Allison. I like the jug, always a favorite choice for me. That mystery dahlia sure is an eye-popping pink, quite pretty!

  2. Cathy says:

    I like the stoneware jug too, Allison – and the title! I can’t identify your dahlia, and was just recalling that the only time I bought one of the Tonka series mine wasn’t what it was meant to be either, so perhaps they are just variable – is that possible? Will you lift your D merkeii or was it easy enough to grow from seed in one season? The aster looks interesting – will check that out, and the amaranthus too. I have tried a few different amaranthus

    • Dahlias turn out to be really easy from seed. I have mice in the garage, so lifting and storing is always risky. I will try though. I’ve grown Bishops Children several times, but D. merckii is a little darling with lovely foliage.

      • Cathy says:

        I have grown them from seed too, but most are mixed colours which doesn’t suit me! Always astonishing to think that seed grown dahlias (and cuttings too) can grow into full size plants in one season!

  3. Horticat says:

    ‘Lady in Black’ is a stunner, Allison. It looks almost silvery when viewer from a distance. Lovely mystery dahlia too, whatever she is!

    • Thank you Horticat! ‘Lady in Black’, with it’s dark, upright foliage, has a nice border presence for a long period and then when it flowers it sudden spreads horizonally, making clouds of those silvery plumes. 🙂

  4. shoreacres says:

    Sometimes these names perplex me. Why would a white aster with pink centers be called Lady in Black? Every sort of explanation comes to mind, most of which surely are no more than figments of my imagination! I take it the large white flower is the cosmos; it’s my favorite, although I must say I admired the jug, too.

  5. pbmgarden says:

    Nice collection of seasonal blooms and fun color play. The container is a great choice. Hope you have a great week.

  6. Cathy says:

    Lots of lovely things in your vase today. The dahlia is unusual… perhaps unique! And the aster is gorgeous – one I have noticed before on other blogs and never seen for sale here. Cosmos always turn up later than I expect here too and the self-sown do better than those I try to cultivate! C. Purity is a winner. 😃

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