In-a-Vase-on-Monday is nine years old today!

What a fantastic achievement by Cathy@ramblinginthegarden, who started and continues to host this meme. 👏👏👏 468 vases and still going strong!

I love this meme, but rarely get my act together to post a vase, even though I sometimes pick flowers and place them in a glass, jug or vase for the kitchen table. Today is running away from me again, but I nevertheless wanted to join Cathy’s meme anniversary post with a hand-held posy as she suggested.

So here it is, all wet and dripping:


Hand-held posy for the IAVOM meme’s ninth anniversary.

Recent wet weather conditions have made a lot of flower buds mouldy. So sadly there will be no more dahlias, zinnia, tithonia. However, roses, penstemon and salvias continue to open perfectly, so they form the bulk of today’s posy.


There’s also stalk of antirrhinum (‘Liberty Classic Crimson’), some quaking grass and plectranthus.


As a backdrop I’ve used a lovely folded, serrated Melianthus major leaf and for something soft to hold, the front is some irresistible, downy Lamb’s-ear (Stachys byzantina).


In the depths of the bouquet there’s a sprig of golden variegated euonymus and a sprig of white campion (Silene dioica). The stalks are wrapped in gold edged ribbon, hiding the small rose thorns effectively.

I did put the posy in a glass though and now it’s adorning the kitchen table as usual.


Thanks Cathy!

Visit Cathy’s blog to find links to loads of celebration posies for this ninth In-a-Vase-on-Monday anniversary.


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15 Responses to In-a-Vase-on-Monday is nine years old today!

  1. shoreacres says:

    This is my favorite sort of bouquet — so natural looking, and so pretty. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the textures you included; they add so much.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    It’s lovely! I love esp. the deep color of the antirrhinum.

  3. Kris P says:

    Despite the change in weather conditions, you garden offered a range of color, as well as lovely foliage. I consider finding a rose bloom at this time of year a minor miracle and my own Melianthus major was cut down to the ground a month ago and has yet to muster evidence of a pending revival. Ditto for my Penstemons.

    • My Melianthus is hiding against the lee side of our greenhouse, in a pot that should have been shifted years ago. 🤦 It needs to go, but I am enjoying it so much, looking all lush and healthy! Now my coleus is another matter, while yours are looking fantastic 🙂

  4. Cathy says:

    Beautiful! Raindrops and all! A very happy bunch indeed considering the date. 😃 Especially like the idea of using lamb’s ear in a posy for the softness. 👍

  5. Cathy says:

    How lovely, Allison, and thanks for making a special effort to join in for the anniversary 😊 It amazes me what can still be available at this time of year, and interesting too to see what can cope with the dampness. Just wondering why my antirrhinums didn’t last – although they were the previous year’s plants and were flowering early, so perhaps they had just run out of steam. Haven’t thought of using stachys before, although mine is ‘Big Ears’ so perhaps too chunky for a genteel vase! Are you going to cut your dahlias back now, or still wait for a frost? I know mine are not going to flower any more either, but have not been in this position before…

    • These antirrhinums seeded themselves in the driveway and were moved into the border in late summer. So I am lucky and they were a bonus! They are now making the most of the mild, damp weather! S. ‘Big Ears’ sounds like it would make great material to wrap round/clad a jam jar vase as decoration, rather like you would with bay or magnolia leaves. 🙂

      • Cathy says:

        Good idea for the leaves, Allison. I find the odd antirrhinum self-seeded here too, but usually in the tiniest cracks in paving, where they can’t easily be moved!

  6. Sharon says:

    Very pretty selection. I had to look up plectranthus and now it’s on my wish list! Like you, I have many photos of vases that I remember to post on Tuesday, Wednesday… Maybe Cathy will grant an amnesty and offer a monthly round up of vases or similar 🙂

  7. Horticat says:

    This is pretty and delicate – love that pale pink penstemon in particular 🙂

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