Plants – Monthly favourites

January and some snowdrops are emerging:


Galanthus plicatus ‘Wendy’s Gold’

February and I am currently loving Hellebores:


Helleborus orientalis hybrid

March and it’s crocus time:


Crocus ‘Ruby Giant’

April is time to enjoy some tulips:


Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’

May’s flower is hard to choose, but Wisteria adds beauty and atmosphere.

Wisteria floribunda 'Violacea Plena'

Wisteria floribunda ‘Violacea Plena’

Oohhh, I forgot peonies. So here is an extra picture this month, because I really love peonies:


Paeonia cambessedesii

June is full to the brim with choices, but I think poppies have to win the spot because they light up the countryside:

Papaver somniferum

Poppy, Papaver somniferum

A hard choice for July, but out of all the competition, I am going for Echinacea. They are such a butterfly and bee magnet, come in wonderful colours and last for ages.

Echinacea 'Summer Sun'

Echinacea ‘Summer Sun’

 For August, I am choosing the exotic-looking, but troublefree Pineapple lily:


The Pineapple Lily, Eucomis Bicolor

For September … something fresh: the clear blue of chicory, Cichorium intybus.

September flower

Chichory, Cichorium intybus with hoverfly

For October it is hard to chose between dahlias and asters, so instead I am picking a favourite that is always a welcome surprise when I notice the open flowers: Hibiscus trionum.

October's flower

Annual Hibiscus, Hibiscus trionum

November and, year after year, Chrysanthemum ‘Emperor of China’ flowers at this time and looks wonderful. If it has been cold the leaves are a lovely maroon backdrop to the spoon petalled pink flowers.


Chrysanthemum ‘Emperor of China’

December and there are no flowers left, but when there are so many fantastic examples of dogwood around, who cares?


Assorted dogwoods at Anglesey Abbey


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