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Stripping the Willow …

Actually I mean apple tree, but what does honesty mean in the UK these days?! OK, putting the election to one side, here are some cute photos of the non-stop activity/glut fest occurring in our John Downie crab apple tree … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – On the hunt

Tina @mygardenersays hosts Wildlife Wednesday on the first Wednesday of each month. Check it out!  

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Wildlife Wednesday – New life in the pond …

August’s wildlife report is a bit of a list of missed photo opportunities, starting with a young badger that seems to visit about midnight. I know that there is one about, because there have been a couple of encounters between … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Sith Lords and other Cloaked Beauties

There’s been plenty of drama in the meadows this year from the Cinnabar moths (Tyria jacobaeae). Cinnabars are a day flying moth and tend to disturb easily. This results in startling flashes of red as their hindwings are revealed when … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Water: The Great Attractor

Apologies, I know that it’s Thursday, but you know how things get. Regardless, I wanted to quickly link up with Tina for her monthly Wildlife meme, to share some of the babies and new creatures I’ve seen in the garden … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Stillness and a cloak of invisibility

So this evening I caught a muntjac strolling around the pear and apple trees, pulling their branches down to eat. Grrr! Then it wandered over to the pond and took a long drink and my heart went out to it, … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Searching for the last juicy morsels

It has got to the time of year when our natural hedgerow larders are nearly running empty and wildlife is looking for alternatives. Over the last month I’ve noticed occasional scurrying around the olive tree pots under our pergola. Mostly … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 (26th-28th January, i.e. it includes Monday, which is an allowance for busy weekends, bad weather and possibly easy school participation I think). Many of us take part in this every year … Continue reading

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Wordless Wildlife Wednesday – Birds

Linking to Tina’s thoughtful wildlife post on mygardenersays.  

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Have a Happy Christmas and … Go Wild

Best wishes to everyone for a very Happy Christmas! Also, you might be interested to know that The Wildlife Trusts are sharing a new winter wildlife challenge with us in the form of ‘7 days of Wild Christmas’ (#7DaysofWildChristmas). It … Continue reading

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