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Wordless Wednesday – The transformative power of nettles!

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Flashes of brilliance – The Jersey Tiger Moth

A few weeks ago my son spotted and snapped a photo of a Jersey Tiger moth on the side of our house. It was the first time we’d ever heard or seen one. Butterfly Conservation list the Jersey Tiger Moth … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – 15 mins amongst the butterflies

Taking 15 minutes amongst the butterflies daily …What could be a nicer way of spending some time outside just now than watching and counting butterflies? Yes, the annual survey of these wonders (launched by the Butterfly Conservation organisation in 2010) … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Knapweed Magnetism

Over the years I have noticed that knapweed is as attractive as thistles to winged insects. It has similar shaped flowers and is a similar colour, but thank goodness it is a lot less prickly than thistles. So I’ve happily … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – New life in the pond …

August’s wildlife report is a bit of a list of missed photo opportunities, starting with a young badger that seems to visit about midnight. I know that there is one about, because there have been a couple of encounters between … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Sith Lords and other Cloaked Beauties

There’s been plenty of drama in the meadows this year from the Cinnabar moths (Tyria jacobaeae). Cinnabars are a day flying moth and tend to disturb easily. This results in startling flashes of red as their hindwings are revealed when … Continue reading

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