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Wordless Wednesday: The Slow Sloe Gin Preparation

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Delicacies from Delicious Dogwood

A couple of years ago I discovered that you could actually eat the fruits of the dogwood tree Cornus mas, aka. the Cornelian Cherry. So much fruit set that year that in August the bushes became shiny red beacons in … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday – Fancy a cuppa?

Having got over the worst of my fascination with the so-called Cup and Saucer vine (Cobaea scandens) in last Wednesday’s’ Wordless’ post I decided to ruthlessly cut some of the flowers to use in today’s vase (fear not they are … Continue reading


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Confessions of a coffee drinker

We are a coffee loving family, although some of us are more fussy about the taste than others. Our coffee machines have gone through any number of incarnations and are in fairly continuous use. I particularly liked the version that … Continue reading

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Elderflower Fizz … made with Black Lace

There is a fantastic pair of elderflower ‘Black Lace’ bushes, albeit ~ 12 foot tall, growing on either side of the entrance to the Soame greenhouse in the walled garden at Wimpole. I pass them all of the time, but … Continue reading

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Fresh beech leaves – a forager’s delight

With the bright frosty starts we’ve been having this last week, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to take Sadie for a walk on Therfield Heath and check out the progress of the wild pasque flower colony growing there. It … Continue reading

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Will you go a-wassailing?

Do you want to ‘wake up’ some apple trees, so that you get a brilliant crop this year? Then you need to go a-wassailing and tonight is the night to do it. Twelfth Night, the evening of 5th January, is … Continue reading

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The signs of autumn are already here

Walking the dog yesterday I suddenly realised that there were leaves on the ground under the sycamore trees and that they were showing autumn colours. Of course when I actually thought about the date, I realised that we have hurtled … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons, make elderflower champagne

As the hedgerows start to light up with plate-sized heads of elderflower (Sambucus nigra) waving like a circus act in the gusting winds, it is time to collect or buy bottles ready to make Elderflower Fizz. Elderflower Fizz is a … Continue reading

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