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Short Film Showcase* – Dancing flowers

If you’ve got a moment (OK 4 minutes), then you could hardly do better than to watch this beautiful, mesmerising short film by Jamie Scott, shot as time-lapse photography, which shows springtime flowers blooming and dancing. I loved it. Go … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Raise your Scarlet Elf Cups

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Farewell, My Lovely

The Horse Chestnut will be sorely missed by locals, walkers and wildlife enthusiasts (it was a favourite roost for the local Barn Owls). Over the last few years the tree has been throwing out new growth at ground level, so … Continue reading

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December Wildlife Roundup: Watching the Watchers

I know that at this time of year I spend a lot of ‘indoors’ time peering out: at the garden, the moon, the weather and the wildlife, but recently I feel like nature is turning the tables. I am being … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – A continuous furry presence


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Wordless Wednesday – Success! Let there be many baby Titans

Time to sow the seeds of success!

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October Wildlife Report: A 5-minute spa line-up

When we added the bubbling rock fountain to our pebbled ‘beach’ area in the garden a couple of years ago, we had no idea how attractive it would be to the bird population as a bathing and drinking locale. In … Continue reading

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September Wildlife Roundup – A chiffchaff amongst the riffraff

So autumn is here and, in case you weren’t convinced, you only have to look at the birds, insects and other wildlife to see their response to shorter days, colder nights and a ripe harvest. About a month ago my … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – I feel the earth move

This month’s wildlife sightings were lean, which was mostly down to a combination of absences and earth moving experiences! The earth moving experience was noisy and disruptive for everyone around because, with the dull start to August, we finally decided … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday  – Butterfly Blitz

I had only intended to post a single photo today, since we are on holiday, but it is raining hard and is forecast to do so all day. So I thought that reviewing last month’s wildlife would be a more … Continue reading

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