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Not Quite Strawberry Daifuku – with love

Last week, in a romantic gesture for the V day, I bought strawberries, which according to the label came from … Morocco. Oh dear.  I do in fact have strawberry plants in flower in the garden, but only the pink-flowered … Continue reading

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A crescendo of sweetly scented plum blossom

I’ve been off down an internet rabbit-hole again. This time following the trail of plum blossom hydrosol. A hydrosol is a distilled floral or herbal product and apparently plum blossom essence is what ‘freshness’ smells like. So of course I … Continue reading

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Looking forward to a Burns Night Supper ….

… and how did an English vegetarian get here? A while back, when my husband and I still did astronomy, we were seconded to the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on La Palma in the Canary Islands. It was a … Continue reading

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Eating our way through a thicket of Jerusalem artichokes

Along the boundary fence with our neighbours we have a thick line of jerusalem artichokes, interspersed between coppiced hazel bushes. The artichokes grow up to about 8 foot in our garden and occasionally they flower, with sunflower-like yellow heads, if … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Need sunshine in December? Grow crab apples.

This vitamin C rich recipe made with rosehips sounds like a wonderful variant on the usual jelly: Rosehip and crab apple jelly

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Wordless Wednesday – Chocolate cake with the last of the edible flowers

Recipe can be found here and since I am worried that it might disappear from the bbc website at some point I’ve printed Angela Nilsen’s yummy recipe here as well: Ingredients 200g good quality dark chocolate, about 60% cocoa solids … Continue reading

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Quince – Paradisal fruit within our reach

Imagine the Garden of Hesperides. Imagine eating one of the mythical golden apples that grant immortality. Then picture a quince. It’s possible they were one and the same (the ancient roman agricultural writer Columella speculated that they were). So there … Continue reading

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The Bodacious Cornelian Cherry!

Don’t worry, this post is nothing to do with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure  (though I’m secretly fond of the film), it is about Cornus mas, otherwise known as Cornelian Cherry. But funnily enough, it turns out that there is … Continue reading

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An embarrassment of courgettes? Bake cake!

A few years ago, after admiring a tasty, moist cake made by a friend, I became the proud owner of a courgette cake recipe. I promptly filed it and never thought about it again. This summer, at the end of … Continue reading

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There’s nothing better …. than new potatoes with mojo verde

With temperatures soaring, the sun shining and evenings long, light and gloriously warm, it feels like we should be away on holiday. Unfortunately that is not happening for a while yet, so the next best thing is to pretend and … Continue reading

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