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Six on Saturday – Freckles, blushes and other floral markings

25/01/20 It feels like the kind of day that could do with a bit of energy injected into it by joining Jonathon’s Six on Saturday. There are rules of course, but they’re a breeze and it’s great fun to browse … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Good news, bad news

16/11/2019 It’s been wet and whilst we’ve not had it nearly so bad as Wales and the Midlands, outside jobs this week have been severely curtailed. I’ve been distracted in any case by a new car with, what seems like, … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Walking through the Botanics

I dropped my son off in town this morning and while he got creative, on a writing course, I hared around town on a few errands, until it rained. Then I headed for the Fitzwilliam Museum for a wander and … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Back to Black

OK, so this might be an admission of burning the damson jam this morning. (Yes, it caught on the bottom of the pan. Don’t worry, it is nothing a good soak won’t fix!) But no, it is rather a reference … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Ripe for the picking

21/09/2019 Well, what a glorious week that was! But it’s been cold in the mornings. The car said 4.5 deg C on Tuesday morning and the heating came on unexpectedly on Monday morning (since I hadn’t bothered to turn the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Summer’s Swansong

31/08/2019 We are in that time of abundance in the year where there’s still plenty to harvest, pick and admire, but there are also overtones of completion and change. As a former astronomer I hold with summer stretching on till … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Better than survivors

27/07/2019 Just down the road at Cambridge Botanical Gardens they were registering potentially record breaking temperatures of 38.7 deg C on Thursday. It was hot. I went in to work to water the borders early and called it a day … Continue reading

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