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Wildlife Wednesday – Water: The Great Attractor

Apologies, I know that it’s Thursday, but you know how things get. Regardless, I wanted to quickly link up with Tina for her monthly Wildlife meme, to share some of the babies and new creatures I’ve seen in the garden … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Rhubarb and Sweet Cicely

11/05/2019 It is Six-on-Saturday time and the weather is perfect for it: Photos in the sun and then blogging when the heavens open. As the season progresses the variety of Sixes is getting more and more diverse and interesting, so … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Catch-up

06/04/2019 We’ve been away for the last week, lodging in a small, quaint seaside town (an old smugglers’ haunt) called Beer in East Devon. The weather was mixed to say the least, but we had good fun. Today’s prowl round … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Searching for the last juicy morsels

It has got to the time of year when our natural hedgerow larders are nearly running empty and wildlife is looking for alternatives. Over the last month I’ve noticed occasional scurrying around the olive tree pots under our pergola. Mostly … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – In between Lemsips

15/12/2018 I’ve been snatching moments in the garden this week, in between sneezing and coughing and guzzling vitamin C and Lemsip. There’s been a bit of tidying, a bit of potting up/on and a final bit of bulb disposal (OK … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – All fall down

22-09-2018 Today has been a clearing up day after those gusty winds we’ve been having over the last 48hrs managed to wreck a fair few things in the garden. And now it is raining, so I’ve retreated to the house … Continue reading

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August plants for August

I am joining Chloris at The Blooming Garden for this post of my top ten plants for August. However, I am not actually growing anything particularly unusual this year, so I guess that there will be some flowers in common … Continue reading

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