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Wildlife Wednesday  – Butterfly Blitz

I had only intended to post a single photo today, since we are on holiday, but it is raining hard and is forecast to do so all day. So I thought that reviewing last month’s wildlife would be a more … Continue reading

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Wildlife roundup – If only I could fly too

May’s warmth and sunshine brought out many winged creatures and my favourites are always the dragonflies and their relatives. Early on in May, at the edge of our small pool, we saw the first Large Red damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) basking … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Varmints, scoundrels and opportunists

So suddenly winter has decided to be wet. The days of clean, frozen dog walks are over and now there is a lot of mud,  hosing down, damp towels and smelly fur. Even the birds are looking like they’ve been … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Messy Eaters!

At the beginning of December the crab apple tree beside the driveway was a magnificently laden affair. Whenever there was a touch of sunshine it became a glowing, amber symbol of abundance. And then the blackbirds moved in … Now, … Continue reading

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2017 … Coming, ready or not!

Happy New Year! 2017 has begun. Are you ready to start new resolutions, projects and adventures? I am hoping that this year is filled with peace and accord and many wonderful moments, successes and kindnesses. Over the last week or … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas – One and all!

So this morning, Christmas Eve, we were greeted with a spectacular red sky. This typically means that the good weather has passed, most likely heralding a change for the worse. Tomorrow is predicted to be dreary, with thick cloud here … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Flashes of gold

Seed eaters are finding the living easy this month. Unmown thistle stands at the field edges and in set-aside areas are seething with noise and activity. Goldfinches fly up in droves when I walk passed with the dog, but they … Continue reading

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