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Wordless Wednesday – The reason for the word butterfly?

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A Week of Flowers #Day7 – Flowers and Friends

Since the beginning of December Cathy at Words and Herbs has been running ‘A Week of Flowers‘ to cheer and brighten our lives. It’s been an absolutely delight to dip into so many people’s passions and favourites. I’ve loved it! … Continue reading

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Mill Road Cemetery: A resting place, a wildlife refuge and community fulcrum

Lockdown has seen me taking local walks in places that I would have never thought to explore (or even walk to) previously. This week, an appointment in town left me with time to kill in Cambridge itself and, as I … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – 15 mins amongst the butterflies

Taking 15 minutes amongst the butterflies daily …What could be a nicer way of spending some time outside just now than watching and counting butterflies? Yes, the annual survey of these wonders (launched by the Butterfly Conservation organisation in 2010) … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild – Challenge Accepted!

It seems that I’ve not written much on the blog for a while, mainly because it is a tremendously busy time of year in the garden. Any spare moments were filled with sowing/planting and are now, necessarily, filled with watering … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday  – Butterfly Blitz

I had only intended to post a single photo today, since we are on holiday, but it is raining hard and is forecast to do so all day. So I thought that reviewing last month’s wildlife would be a more … Continue reading

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A black and white Brown!

This is a Marbled White butterfly (Melanargia galathea) and until two weeks ago I’d never seen one before in my life. Don’t they look like those butterfly splot paintings we used to do as kids? Despite being quite obviously black … Continue reading

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Wildlife roundup – If only I could fly too

May’s warmth and sunshine brought out many winged creatures and my favourites are always the dragonflies and their relatives. Early on in May, at the edge of our small pool, we saw the first Large Red damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) basking … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Riding the thermals

A lot is happening in the skies this month. The rooks behind our house are established in their nests now and are hanging out in the tree tops, calling loudly across the countryside at seemingly all hours. These shouts are … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Long tongues down long throats

We’ve spent the summer re-digging the pond on the patio due to a worrying leak, but now it is done. The nine fish are back in it, as are some much reduced baskets of iris, skunk cabbage and marsh marigold. … Continue reading

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