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Mushy medlars make marvellous marmalade

A dreadful title I know, but once there were three words beginning with the letter ‘m’, I just couldn’t stop myself. In fact I’ve made jelly, not marmalade, from some medlars that I gathered last month. The reason that I … Continue reading

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Delicacies from Delicious Dogwood

A couple of years ago I discovered that you could actually eat the fruits of the dogwood tree Cornus mas, aka. the Cornelian Cherry. So much fruit set that year that in August the bushes became shiny red beacons in … Continue reading

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Eating our way through a thicket of Jerusalem artichokes

Along the boundary fence with our neighbours we have a thick line of jerusalem artichokes, interspersed between coppiced hazel bushes. The artichokes grow up to about 8 foot in our garden and occasionally they flower, with sunflower-like yellow heads, if … Continue reading

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Quince – Paradisal fruit within our reach

Imagine the Garden of Hesperides. Imagine eating one of the mythical golden apples that grant immortality. Then picture a quince. It’s possible they were one and the same (the ancient roman agricultural writer Columella speculated that they were). So there … Continue reading

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