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Six on Saturday – Transitioning to colour

25/02/2023 You’ve seen those films, I’m sure, where everything starts in monochrome, but, after a significant event, the world is suddenly shown in technicolour. Well, that’s how the February garden always makes me feel. Snowdrops begin the month’s floral awakening … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Spring, at an angle

19/02/2022 In spite of being on the edge of the second red alert zone for debris flying winds yesterday, we luckily escaped any real damage from Storm Eunice. Probably the losses of old fruit trees, dodgy branches and fences over … Continue reading

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In a vase on Monday – Snowdrops, of course!

We missed the worst of the snow yesterday, none fell during the day, but there was a little last evening. In the dark. Where’s the fun in that? How lucky then that today should arrive with brilliantly clear blue skies … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Front Garden Makeover

29/02/2020 ‘Makeover’ is a bit of an exaggeration admittedly, but at this time of year, when the snowdrops pop up all over the front garden, I try to clear away enough brambles and ground elder etc. so that we can … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Freckles, blushes and other floral markings

25/01/20 It feels like the kind of day that could do with a bit of energy injected into it by joining Jonathon’s Six on Saturday. There are rules of course, but they’re a breeze and it’s great fun to browse … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday – A first snowdrop

I keep being caught out by the weather this winter. Today started warm and I didn’t bother with a coat, but by the end of the morning I regretted that as a cold, persistent wind had sprung up while I … Continue reading

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In a vase on Monday – The Usual Suspects

… lined up in eggshells! I tend to pick up the free grocery store magazines. It has been a habit since the kids were small and there were easy ideas for the entertainment of little people with short attention spans. … Continue reading

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A Garden full of Canals

Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire, has a distinctly naval theme governing the layout of its gardens and it certainly contains boat loads of water, nearly all laid out in the form of long straight canals. The reason for this focus is that … Continue reading

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A riot of colour on the Winter Walk

Anglesey Abbey is a well known destination for galanthophiles in East Anglia and its extensive, landscaped displays of over 300 varieties of snowdrops are well worth a visit in February. This year though, due to the usually warm winter weather, … Continue reading

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