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Wordless Wednesday – Wild Hybrid Creation

I love it when this happens … Tragopogon pratensis (Goat’s-Beard) x Tragopogon porrifolius (Salsify) -> T. x mirabilis + Mixed in a field = > The Tragopogon x mirabilis hybrid is fairly rare in southern England and is not generally … Continue reading

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Honey lilies – A sweet moment in the year

This week the honey lilies (Nectaroscordum siculum) have broken out of their pale papery calyces en masse and are making a wonderful display in our shady front garden. Before this happened the florets were tightly wrapped in upright bundles and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Looking into the heart of the stars

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Great Balls of Fire

I’ve mentioned before that I had an RHS course lecturer who was keen on quick-fire quizzes of the kind ‘Name 6 blue flowers , 10 herbs etc’ and as I was taking some macro photographs of some rather lovely London … Continue reading

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This side of Paradise

A great many years ago, we lived on La Palma in the Canaries for a while (~6 years). My youngest was nine months old when we returned to the UK and this year when we  discussed taking a holiday there … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Entwined Dragons

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In a Vase on Monday – Stormy Seas

I’ve been prowling around the garden checking for consequences of our being away and for the most part things have done perfectly well without us (kind neighbours watered the greenhouse). The exceptions are the things that I planted in the … Continue reading

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A Cuckoo in the Nest

Grape hyacinths, even Muscari armeniacum, don’t seem to last here for more than a couple of years in the garden. It is probably our soggy winter conditions and clay soil that does for them, but I do love their wonderful … Continue reading

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A walnut collection and hard graft

I know that I’ve mentioned before that the National Trust at Wimpole Estate looks after a National Collection of Juglans. One of the reasons that Plant Heritage encourages the creation of national collections is to future-proof the incredible stock of … Continue reading

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Catkins – Dancing, tumbling, pollen-laden heralds of spring

The other day as I came round the corner of the alley, the sun was shining directly behind a young hazel tree and light was being dispersed by long, bouncing catkins. I had my phone with me so I took … Continue reading

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