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Wildlife Wednesday – Stillness and a cloak of invisibility

So this evening I caught a muntjac strolling around the pear and apple trees, pulling their branches down to eat. Grrr! Then it wandered over to the pond and took a long drink and my heart went out to it, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – A double-sided magic

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Wildlife Wednesday – A sense of hidden things

There is plenty of stuff going on in the garden and countryside around here, but with the explosion of new green leaf cover and birds sitting on nests etc. I don’t have that much to actually show. For instance, today … Continue reading

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An Attack of the Munchies … From muntjacs to caterpillars

It has got to the time of the year where things seems to slip out of balance just for a while and pests prevail, until predator populations adjust and nature gets back into equilbrium. Of course, if people insist on … Continue reading

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Back to the Battle with Wildlife

While it is nice to see deer in your own back garden (at least according to the rest of my family), I’d rather that they didn’t eat the vegetation so lustily. This morning, when I went outside, this muntjac deer … Continue reading

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