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Wildlife Wednesday – New life in the pond …

August’s wildlife report is a bit of a list of missed photo opportunities, starting with a young badger that seems to visit about midnight. I know that there is one about, because there have been a couple of encounters between … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Water: The Great Attractor

Apologies, I know that it’s Thursday, but you know how things get. Regardless, I wanted to quickly link up with Tina for her monthly Wildlife meme, to share some of the babies and new creatures I’ve seen in the garden … Continue reading

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September Wildlife Sightings – On the cusp

You know that autumn is here when the spaces between everything in the garden are filled with large webs and, more disturbingly, large spiders. There are loads of garden cross spiders stretched across our front garden path waiting pendulously to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Nymphs and shepherds

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Wildlife in June – Flying High

One of the main features of the wildlife seen around the garden during June was that it was largely airborne: New generations of birds, bees, beetles, butterflies and dragonflies were on the wing, flying high and purposefully from tree to … Continue reading

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Making a wildlife pond: First water …

Just like ‘First Light’ on new telescopes, except that this is for our new wildlife pond. So, drum roll please, as the first drops of water start to fill the pond: Last autumn we got rid of the 6m hexagonal … Continue reading

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Water Lilies – The illusion of an endless whole

While we were away on holiday last week I discovered an interesting 8 acre water garden, just south of Weymouth. It is called Bennetts Water Gardens and has been developed on the site of the former Putton Brickworks. The quarries … Continue reading

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