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Six on Saturday – Maraschino anyone?

02/04/2022 Aye! Always with the ice and snow when the blossom starts to open! Tempted into full bloom by a couple of weeks of close to 20 deg C there are currently gorgeous displays of magnolia and cherry blossom about … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday: Flurries of White

We spent Easter Sunday in the garden, including a picnic by the pond, in glorious sunshine with greengage and damson blossom bursting around our heads. Wonderful! In the gentle breeze an odd petal or two drifted down on to the … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Not standing still

27/03/2021 Growth in the garden is moving up a notch. The grass needs another trim, which makes it a nearly weekly task again 😦 . Leaves are bursting their buds and the world is turning green. It’s my favourite time … Continue reading

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Hairy-Footed Flower Bees

This is a photo of a bee having a good guzzle from a red deadnettle.  The bee looks particularly furry and indeed it is, but what is most impressive is the length of the hairs  … on its legs. Especially … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Of Petticoats and Dragons

16/03/2019 Well, one week on and it is still howling a gale. I’ve decided that I primarily don’t like wind because the continuous noise makes me very restless. The dog and I have had some close encounters with flying small … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Promise

19/01/2019 It’s been a funny old week, with nothing playing out as normal. Of course it has turned distinctly chilly. So I’ve had to fleece the plants in the cold greenhouse twice so far and brought in one pot of … Continue reading

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March flower delights – Colour returns

I am linking up with Chloris for a review of my top ten plants for March. I admit that they are mostly stalwarts, but I couldn’t be without them and think it spring. March should mark the beginning of spring … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday – Snippets between showers

I’ve been dodging rain showers all day. This afternoon it came down to a decision between nipping out to look for a few flowers or going for an immediate dog walk round the village (I couldn’t face a second deep-mud … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday – Fresh scents of spring

Walking around the village this afternoon I was very happy to see colour blossoming in the lawns everywhere. Mostly this is coming from scattered crocuses in smart yellows and shades of purple, spilling down driveways and planted round community seats … Continue reading


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In a Vase on Monday – Primrose heaven

Our primroses are out. In fact, some of them have been flowering since Christmas. So I thought that I would pick some for a vase today. Although I love the wild yellow primroses,  I seem to be good at propagating … Continue reading

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