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Six on Saturday: January Blues

The forecast for tonight is for temperatures to fall to -5 Celsius here. This will be the lowest so far this winter and cold enough that I’ve moved some more plants into the protection of my two new mini plastic … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – All Change

28/12/2019 So, this is the last Six-on-Saturday for 2019. Many thanks to Jonathon, The Propagator, for hosting such a fun and inclusive meme throughout the year. Here are my six today: 1) Mahonia – Borrowed glory OK, this is in … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Catch-up

06/04/2019 We’ve been away for the last week, lodging in a small, quaint seaside town (an old smugglers’ haunt) called Beer in East Devon. The weather was mixed to say the least, but we had good fun. Today’s prowl round … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – 09/03/2019

Oh my, how blustery! Yesterday I was up a ladder pruning the wisteria (only a bit late), but I would not have considered that today. And then there’s been the episodic torrents of hail coming down all day. Can we … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Senescence and decay

17-11-2018 This week the leaves fell off all the trees around here and the landscape is now looking shockingly bare. It has really changed the feel of things. The light has changed. The protective canopy has gone. This cycle is … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – Snippets and seeds

It’s been a mad week: A wedding coming up this weekend, so clothes etc. to sort out, family to gather up from universities, food to prepare for an autumn feast at work, plus a special birthday to attend. On Monday … Continue reading

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Six-On-Saturday: Storing up treasures

13-10-2018 Today’s morning dogwalk encompassed sunshine, blustery winds, fallen trees, a couple of rain showers and a lovely double rainbow. Straddling the seasons as it were. It was also very warm, 26.5 deg C by lunchtime if my car is … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday … don’t amount to a (small) hill of beans

06-10-2018 Lovely, it’s raining hard. I’m grateful, I really am, but I can’t help wishing it would do it at night … when I am not walking the dog or wanting to dig up some ground elder. Easier to justify … Continue reading

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Six on Saturday – All fall down

22-09-2018 Today has been a clearing up day after those gusty winds we’ve been having over the last 48hrs managed to wreck a fair few things in the garden. And now it is raining, so I’ve retreated to the house … Continue reading

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