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Wordless Wednesday – Will this be a useful Christmas present?

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Stripping the Willow …

Actually I mean apple tree, but what does honesty mean in the UK these days?! OK, putting the election to one side, here are some cute photos of the non-stop activity/glut fest occurring in our John Downie crab apple tree … Continue reading

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December Wildlife Roundup: Watching the Watchers

I know that at this time of year I spend a lot of ‘indoors’ time peering out: at the garden, the moon, the weather and the wildlife, but recently I feel like nature is turning the tables. I am being … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – A continuous furry presence


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September Wildlife Roundup – A chiffchaff amongst the riffraff

So autumn is here and, in case you weren’t convinced, you only have to look at the birds, insects and other wildlife to see their response to shorter days, colder nights and a ripe harvest. About a month ago my … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Varmints, scoundrels and opportunists

So suddenly winter has decided to be wet. The days of clean, frozen dog walks are over and now there is a lot of mud,  hosing down, damp towels and smelly fur. Even the birds are looking like they’ve been … Continue reading

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Bullying on the bird feeders

I’ve been surprised by the size of some of the visitors to the bird feeders over this last week. No, I don’t mean that they are overweight or anything, just that they are bigger species than I am used to … Continue reading

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