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Wildlife roundup for April – My, what a long tongue you have!

All the better to … reach the nectar. Take a look at the length of this tongue for instance: This is the Hairy-footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes) and is a new bee to me this spring. That is not quite … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – A sense of hidden things

There is plenty of stuff going on in the garden and countryside around here, but with the explosion of new green leaf cover and birds sitting on nests etc. I don’t have that much to actually show. For instance, today … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Long tongues down long throats

We’ve spent the summer re-digging the pond on the patio due to a worrying leak, but now it is done. The nine fish are back in it, as are some much reduced baskets of iris, skunk cabbage and marsh marigold. … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Eating with (in)tent

Ugh! So not what you want to see, but this is what I found en-route when I went to check on Therfield wild pasque flower colony. Large silk-spun, tented enclosures covering most of the hawthorn bushs on the heath. The … Continue reading

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The Boys are Back in Town

April weather continues to be changeable. Yesterday the day began with a frost, but later temperatures reached the giddy heights of ~18°C. Today there’s been thunder, heavy rain and sunshine. Regardless of all this uncertainty, I saw my first swallows … Continue reading

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