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Wordless Wednesday – Catching the Rays


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October Wildlife Report: A 5-minute spa line-up

When we added the bubbling rock fountain to our pebbled ‘beach’ area in the garden a couple of years ago, we had no idea how attractive it would be to the bird population as a bathing and drinking locale. In … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday, December – Fight Club

With the frosty weather and exposure of the berried treasure in the hedge/tree branches the blackbirds seem to have multiplied. Berries are being stripped with frightening efficiency. Do they know it is going to be a hard winter? At the … Continue reading

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They heard it on the grapevine …

This week I’ve been having such fun watching the antics of the birds on the feeders from the kitchen window that I’ve been burning breakfasts due to the distraction. So I thought it would be entertaining to share some photos, … Continue reading

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A new fountain and an unexpected wildlife magnet

Last year we installed what I laughingly call ‘The Beach’ in a small area just outside the patio (less lawn area to mow, hurray). It is a patch of ground covered with round Caledonian pebbles, which are lovely pastel colours … Continue reading

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