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Wildlife Wednesday – Stillness and a cloak of invisibility

So this evening I caught a muntjac strolling around the pear and apple trees, pulling their branches down to eat. Grrr! Then it wandered over to the pond and took a long drink and my heart went out to it, … Continue reading

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Fat bees and fragrant apple blossom

What a wonder our little crab apple tree (Malus ‘John Downie’) on the driveway is! It is covered in a thick snowy crust of pink and white blossom and is humming with the hypnotic sounds of bees and insects, hovering … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday – Searching for the last juicy morsels

It has got to the time of year when our natural hedgerow larders are nearly running empty and wildlife is looking for alternatives. Over the last month I’ve noticed occasional scurrying around the olive tree pots under our pergola. Mostly … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2019

This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 (26th-28th January, i.e. it includes Monday, which is an allowance for busy weekends, bad weather and possibly easy school participation I think). Many of us take part in this every year … Continue reading

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Wildlife Wednesday: November – Patient and deadly

Our fish have gone. Our lovely new (and therefore newly stocked) pond has been raided. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise I suppose. I’d even noted a heron flying over the village a few times recently. Then I began … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Nymphs and shepherds

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Wildlife Wednesday – Ivy Bees … so adorable!

A new spot for me and IDed by helpful Twitter users, these are Ivy Bees (Colletes hederae), a type of mining bee that first appeared in Britain in 2001. Here’s a helpful summary of the Ivy Bee from Naturespot. They … Continue reading

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