I am deliberately trying to keep taking reasonable length walks. It is so easy to do when you have a dog at your heels or whining to get outside. Sadly, this is no longer the default for me. I don’t need to go for a tromp across the fields, because we lost our lovely dog Sadie, a playful labradoodle, just before Christmas. So, I am using my phone to make sure that I take ~10,000 steps a day. Sometimes it happens naturally, sometimes I just walking locally (following the old routes) and sometimes I am making a point of exploring a little further a field. The walks here range in length, but it doesn’t matter. I am out there breathing in fresh air and connecting with nature!

These are just records of some places I’ve enjoyed, including some RSPB reserves, which I wouldn’t have been allowed to do with a dog in tow, of course! Use the links on the pictures to read more if you are interested.


Wimpole Park, Arrington

River Cam

Byron’s Pools, Granchester


Therfield Heath, near Royston