Six on Saturday – Better than survivors


Just down the road at Cambridge Botanical Gardens they were registering potentially record breaking temperatures of 38.7 deg C on Thursday. It was hot. I went in to work to water the borders early and called it a day at 11:30am, when the walled garden became an oven.  Today we are rejoicing in a steady rain and basking in more typical 20 deg C of heat. Well, I am. I am sure that everyone who has headed off for their summer staycation in the UK this weekend is unhappy.

So let’s look at a few things that are coping magnificently with this varied weather for Six on Saturday with Mr Propagator:

1) Blue Lace Flower


The Blue Lace Flower, Didiscus caeruleus (syn. Trachymene coerulea)

This is the first time that I’ve grown this annual. It hails from Australia and is a pretty lilac-blue umbellifer. It stands about 50-60cm tall. I bought the seeds of Didiscus ‘Blue Lace’ from Mr Fothergill’s, but I see that Higgledy Garden Shop has a mix showing pale pinks, apricots and creams, which looks really sweet. That’s for next year perhaps.

2) A demure gladiola


Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’

There is something immensely appealing about this crimson gladiola: Gladiolus papilio ‘Ruby’. I think it is the shy, downward tilt of the flowers, possibly the pollen-stained petals, it’s a bit ‘angels with dirty faces’. I look forward to seeing them each year. Shame I can’t get them to bulk up though.

3) Heliopsis ‘Summer Nights’


Heliopsis ‘Summer Nights’

A great yellow daisy for the back of a border. The golden flowers stand out wonderfully against their wiry, dark purple stems and leaves.

4) Pickerel Weed


Pickerel Weed, (Pontederia cordata)

I planted up a basket of this for the new pond last year and ended up splitting it a couple of months later. It is vigorous grower, but luckily the pond is big enough to take it so far. It is statuesque, with weapon-shaped leaves and these attractive, silky, pale blue flower spikes.

5) Rose ‘Queen of Sweden’


Rose ‘Queen of Sweden’

Rose ‘Queen of Sweden’ is another of the roses we chose for the new border. It is compact, but growing on very strongly. It started to come into flower this week with wonderful, cup-shaped blooms in apricot-pink shades (as shown here). The flowers will apparently fade to a pure pink as they age and spread.

6) White Agapanthus


Agapanthus ‘Alba’

I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful, elegant agapanthus, which was picked up in an end-of-season bargain box (beyond the tills so I had to return to the paypoint!). I’ve moved its pot to stand against the patio’s copper beech hedge to get maximum enjoyment from it. I definitely need more of these for next year!

That’s my Six. It’s still raining steadily, so no watering required for a day or two. Hurray!

What’s are you enjoying in your garden?


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11 Responses to Six on Saturday – Better than survivors

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Lovely all! The agapanthus is exceptional.

  2. shoreacres says:

    That white agapanthus is a stunner. That’s the sort of flower that makes me wish I had a garden, so I could plant some. A pickerel weed (Pontederia cordata) is native here; I wonder if it’s the same species as yours?

  3. A beautiful six. I have the white agapanthus too. Thankfully, it did not get quite so hot here in Donegal.

  4. Lora Hughes says:

    the pickerel grabbed my attention. Certainly is lovely, as is that rose. You could’ve put in 6 photos of that rose & I would’ve been happy. Love the white aggie. Really stunning.

  5. krc says:

    wow that rose of sweden is plush!

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